Through qualified employees and an optimised customer service along with profound know how, Brauer Fluid-Technik GmbH established itself as a preferred partner for a variety of industrial branches.

Steel and Aluminium Industry

Taking into account the extreme requirements and versatile loads in the area of blast furnace, steel works and mills, we supply application specific cylinders and attachment parts. Our delivery portfolio includes inter alia hydraulic and pneumatic rotary joints and swivel lines for blast furnace guns and tap-hole drilling machines, hydraulic cylinders and rotary joints for ladle turrets and ladle lift trucks, hydraulic casting and tipping cylinders, complete equipment for continuous casting plants, adjusting cylinders for hot and cold rolling mills, hydraulic and pneumatic coiler cylinders, roll change cylinders and cooling bed cylinders.

Shipbuilding Industry

The modern shipbuilding industry does not only focus on the construction of passenger and cargo vessels, but also mainly on special vessels, like cutter dredgers, floating dredgers, folding vessels, cable laying vessels, etc. Since the cylinders and the control are exposed to high challenges, they demand maximum possible knowledge, experience and precision to construct. The cylinders are facing extreme climatic conditions and permanent operations. They also require utmost security and standards, necessitated by special surroundings.


We construct cylinders for plastic injection molding machines, press lines for car manufacturers as well as deep-drawing lines for container constructions.

Mobile Hydraulics

We manufacture the entire hydraulics for crane and car manufacturers like telescopic, swivel and supporting cylinders as well as rotary joints.